5 Ways to Make Money on Amazon

Amazon was founded in just 1994, so it’s a relatively new company, and at just 23 years old, the company generated 135 billion dollars in 2016 alone.

What started out as just an online bookstore has been so well diversified that now it’s one of the most well-known and well-trusted merchants worldwide. While you might be most familiar with Amazon as a shopper, did you know there are also several ways that you can make money from working for the company, and some of those options will allow you to work from home? The first one I wanted to talk to you today about was the Amazon at-home Customer Service positions. Now, these positions, it is site-, actually state-specific, so there are specific states that they hire in.

The at-home agents working for Amazon are going to make a base pay of around $10 an hour. Now, one of the things that many people like about these positions is that they are seasonal. Usually, they start hiring and ramping up things in the fall for the Christmas season, and many of these positions do become permanent.

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You’ll also find that they hire for a variety of these at-home positions as well. They have bilingual positions available in addition to just English-speaking, and you’ll also find some diversity there as far as what’s available state by state. The second one I wanted to talk to you about was Amazon Flex. If you are an Amazon shopper, you may already know that in a lot of metropolitan areas around the country they have started offering same-day shipping, so if a customer places an order in the morning, they may have it on their doorstep that afternoon. One of the ways that they are making this happen is by hiring Flex Drivers. These are kind of like Uber drivers, where you will go pick up the order from either a warehouse or a designated location within your city, and you will take those straight to the customer.

These are going to be really flexible positions. That’s something that Amazon is really stressing in their hiring materials. Last I checked on their website, they are saying that Flex Drivers can make around $18 to $25 an hour. So keep in mind with that you are going to need to supply your own car, so you’ll be paying for your gas and insurance and all of those things.

You will have expenses, but it is a really flexible gig and it is something that maybe some of you who don’t want to be driving around strangers in the Uber positions, it’s still a way to make money without that stranger aspect there. Another opportunity available to you from home is Amazon Mechanical Turk. This one has been around for quite some time. Unlike the Customer Service positions, these are not going to pay you an hourly wage.

These are what we call small task or short task sites, or even sometimes Crowdsource sites. What this is is you are just doing little piecemeal work, so examples would be transcribing a little two or three minute audio file. You may be typing in some business cards that have been scanned. Some of them involve categorizing images or answering survey questions. So these are really just small, little tasks that you can pick up and do in your spare time. There’s no scheduling requirements, no hourly minimums.

It’s just a really spare time deal. Because of that and because of the really entry level work that’s involved, these are not going to pay a living wage. In many cases, you’re going to find that you’re making minimum wage or even less.

This is definitely something that you don’t want to depend on to pay the bills, but it can be an extra money-maker if that’s just something that you’re looking for. A little bit of easy work to do in the evenings or over weekends. Another great opportunity with Amazon is Camperforce. This is something not a lot of people are aware of, but if you are an avid RV traveler, or maybe you’re even someone who lives in an RV, Amazon will pay you to go live at one of their designated camper sites. They’ll pay your rent there at their site, and what you’re doing is going and working in one of their warehouses during the day.

You might be … these are going to be really state-specific, really location-specific, but like I said, they are looking for the travelers that are looking for a seasonal position, because most of these opportunities only last about three to four months. You will make an hourly wage. They don’t really tell us what that wage is, but they do offer overtime if you’re working more than 40 hours a week.

Like I said, they do pay for your camper site, and it can be a great opportunity for those of you that are looking to travel the country, but still make some income as well. You don’t mind having a day job. The last one that I wanted talk about today is Amazon FBA, or Fulfilled by Amazon. This has been one of the hottest home business opportunities the last few years. I have interviewed a couple of women on my site, The Work at Home Wife, who have been able to generate a full-time income from this opportunity. What makes Amazon FBA different from sites like eBay is that while even though you are going out and buying merchandise that you’re going to sell online, you aren’t actually housing any of that merchandise at your house.

You’re shipping it to Amazon to store in one of their warehouses, and as the orders come in, Amazon will fulfill them, which is why it’s called “Fulfilled by Amazon.” There is a little bit of a learning curve there. You do need to find out what products are selling and for how much, and how to actually make those descriptions something that makes people want to buy, but it is a great opportunity, and like I said, it is something that a lot of women that I know personally have used to generate a full-time income from home. Jessica is someone that we talked to last year, and she generates a full-time income in just five hours per week on maintenance with her FBA listings.