Poker Games : How to Play a 2-5-No-Limit Poker Game

Do you want to learn how to play a game called two five no limit poker? Hi my name is Dean Hale, poker pro from Online Roulette SA, and I’m going to teach you a little bit about the game. The game is basically a Texas Hold Em game.

The two five comes in in the betting patterns pre and post flop. The way the game plays is you will have the person that is just left of the dealer will have a one dollar bet which is called the small blind, the person just to their left will have a big blind bet, which will be two dollars. What you would do is you would deal everybody cards; two cards face down. Once the cards have been dealt each player will then look at their cards and decide if they wanted to bet.

During the first round of betting it’s two dollars would be the minimum bet, they can check, they can bet more since it is a no limit game or they can bet two dollars. If this player bets two dollars, for this player to stay in the game the next player to stay in the game they would have to call that two dollars or they could race.

Now the difference in where the two five comes in to play is, after the first betting round is complete and the flop comes up; and the flop is where you deal three cards, and then you turn them over and they’re what’s called community cards. You’re going to make your best five hand, your best five card poker hand out of the two cards in your deck and all the cards on the table. You don’t have to use any cards of your whole cards, but you can and you can also use the community cards. Now after the flop here’s where it becomes two five. The bet is now five dollars, so if the player that is first act wants to bet their minimum bet is five dollars.

This is just simply a way to try to grow the pot size to try to get a little bit more money into the game. Same thing would happen after all the betting rounds complete, the dealer would burn a card, turn another one over; which is called fourth street or the turn, and then the betting would be the same way it would be that five dollar bet. It would go around you could have raises, it is a no limit game, so somebody could push all in; which is one of the funs of playing a no limit game.

Once the betting is complete the dealer would burn another card, turn it over, the deal is complete, and now the betting action would go the same way with the five dollar bet. If my two cards in the whole don’t beat the five cards, I can do what’s called playing the board. I can use one or both of my cards to play the board. I don’t have a very good hand so I probably would have folded a long time ago. That’s the basics of playing two five no limit hold em. Good luck at the tables, make your bluffs count.