Tennis Betting Tactics

Trace the history of tennis from its early origins in the 12th century. Look up some tennis tips and instructions. Read on to find out more on Wimbledon tennis. You can also find some tennis betting information on different types of wagers.

History of tennis

Tennis is said to have originated from a 12th century French game called paume, meaning palm. The history of tennis shows that it began as a court game where the game was struck with the hand. The game then evolved and rackets made an appearance on the tennis court. The history of modern tennis can be traced to 1873 when Major Walter Wingfield invented a game called Sphairistike (Greek for ‘playing ball’).
Early tennis was played on courts different from the ones used today. Croquet courts were adapted for playing tennis. The introduction of the bouncier rubber balls in the 1850s added a new fillip to the game. In 1877, the All England Club held the first Wimbledon tournament and thus began the saga of a game that is immensely popular the world over.

Tennis rule

A small group of tennis club members met at New York in 1881 to form the world’s first national governing body for tennis – The United States National Lawn Tennis Association. The USTA, as this body is now called, encourages the tennis sport and lays down the tennis regulations and code.
There is a clear tennis rule on most aspects of the game. Ignorance of any basic tennis rule can spoil a good match. The Code is a summary of procedures and unwritten tennis rule and customs that all players should follow. The Code is applied in all situations where the USTA regulations do not give clear specifications. Let us look at the tennis rule regarding the tennis court and equipment.
· The tennis rule states that the court is to be a rectangle of 78 feet length and 27 feet width.
· The tennis ball should have a uniform outer surface and must be white or yellow in color. It should be more than 6. 35 cm but less than 6.67 cm in diameter.
· The tennis rule for the racket insists on it being flat and consisting of a pattern of crossed strings connected to a frame and bonded where crossed. It is necessary for the tennis racket to be free from attached objects or protrusions other than those used solely for preventing wear and tear. The dimension for the tennis racket frame should not exceed 81.28 cm in overall length.

Tennis tip

Any aspiring tennis player can do with a tennis tip or two to improve his game and style. The first tennis tip given by any coach would be to maintain your confidence even after a string of errors on court. Many a recreational tennis player should learn to hit at usual pace even when things don’t seem to be going right on court.
Any coach would give a learner pointers and tennis tip on placing or positioning of a shot in the opponents court. Whether to hit crosscourt or close to the net is a matter of judgment that every tennis player has to master over a period of time.
You will find many a tennis tip on serves. Most people rate a serve as the most important stroke in a game. A strong serve is definitely an asset to any player, be it a recreational or professional player. A strong serve is not always the most effective serve. Take a tennis tip on serve from Roger Federer. He hits a hard serve but uses it to best effect by placing it in different parts of the service box.
Any tennis tip would be incomplete without a guide to maintaining good health. Drink lots of water or low-calorie fruits that hydrate the body and can be easily packed to the court.

Tennis instruction

Tennis instruction on better strokes and styles is best given on the court. But read on and find many a simple tennis instruction that can help you improve on your game.
· Short and compact back swings help to keep the racket closer to contact point and avoid errors.
· Tennis instruction on ‘all court’ play will guide you to play effectively from any court position and not limit yourself.
· Tennis instruction or a tennis tip should also guide you to train your body correctly. The abdominal muscles, lower back etc must be carefully exercised.
· The tennis instruction given to you by your coach should be aimed at allowing you to be multi-functional.
· The core of any tennis instruction is to improve overall flexibility, balance and stability.
· Since tennis is both a mental and physical activity, any tennis instruction should also teach you the right mental approach to the game.

Wimbledon tennis

Wimbledon tennis is a much awaited and widely viewed tennis event. Wimbledon tennis has come a long way from the days of the garden party atmosphere in 1877 to its present professional tournament standards. In fact, Wimbledon tennis attracts an attendance of thousands of spectators and millions watch it live on television.
Wimbledon tennis starts each year six weeks before the first Monday in August and lasts for a fortnight or so. The 2004 Wimbledon tennis Championship is scheduled to be held between 21 June and 4 July 2004. The All England Lawn Tennis Club is responsible for the entire Wimbledon tennis event.

Qualifiers for Wimbledon tennis are the winners from the final round of qualifying competitions held before the Championships. Wild Cards are players without adequately high world ranking who go straight into the Wimbledon tennis draw and have been nominated on account of past performances at Wimbledon. Seeding was introduced at Wimbledon tennis to prevent leading players from playing each other in the early rounds. Boris Becker and Goran Ivanisevic were the only unseeded players to have won the Men’s Singles.